Paul Deloughery

Professional Overview

A born businessman, Paul Deloughery started his first business at age twelve and hasn’t stopped running. It was only natural that he follow in his parents’ footsteps as a fellow entrepreneur. Though Paul eventually became the lawyer he is today, the route to get there wasn’t the most typical. He graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with two bachelor’s degrees: music performance (saxophone) and history. After graduation, Paul found himself spending time with his uncle Don. Through him, Paul was introduced to factoring business receivables and helping turn businesses around, something that immediately caught his interest. He entered law school at the suggestion of Uncle Don, after asking how to better learn the trade. With only a month to go until the last test date, Paul signed up for the LSATs and hit the books hard.

Thankfully, his dedication paid off, and he was admitted into the Iowa College of Law, one of the top twenty law schools in the country. Once there, Paul continued to be a go-getter and hard worker. In fact, he managed to complete his studies in two years and three months, as opposed to the typical three years it takes a student to complete a law degree. While completing his studies Paul gained experience by working as a research assistant for an insurance law professor and helped run the family business, a home health agency.

By 2001, Paul was practicing estate and probate law in Minnesota. Two years later, he, his wife, and their infant daughter moved to Arizona, where he joined a new law firm and made partner in 2005. It was here with John Goodson that Paul learned how to use legal structures to create and maintain long-lasting family dynasties, such as a Lean Family Office. After three years with Goodson, he left the firm and established his own practice. In time, after some personal trauma, Paul shifted his attention to Multi-Family Offices, and how to best utilize them in order to help families manage their wealth. He even wrote a book on his experiences, The 8 Keys, where he details coming into a large inheritance with very little knowledge as to how to best grow and manage it. Considering how new he was to this personal wealth, Paul learned from trial and error and wanted to help other families avoid them, so in addition to practicing law, he also consults on how to best do so.

In 2004, Paul Deloughery began providing business, estate and asset protection planning services to wealthy families. In the process, Paul realized two things. First, people with significant money need to protect their wealth from lawsuits. And second, most self-proclaimed “asset protection lawyers” aren’t as good as they claim. Mr. Deloughery differs because he doesn’t just offer solutions that “should” work. Instead, he asks himself, “What if I only got paid for successfully protecting my client’s assets?” You wouldn’t want the airplane pilot or surgeon to approach things by saying, “Well, this should work.” And when your life savings are at stake, you want your lawyer to assure you that you will be protected. That’s why Mr. Deloughery is continually learning about trends in the areas of bankruptcy and debt collection. Furthermore, Paul Deloughery has a network of international lawyers continually offering suggestions to his documents.

When Paul Deloughery isn’t working, he enjoys traveling, being outside, and spending time with his family.